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     This Site is in homage to which has now gone dark. That site was a chronicle of two young German men and their travels to see the all the tank museums of Europe. The site contained photos from all of Europe’s military museums large and small alike. It was an early site (2001) back when there was little information of this kind on the web. It exposed me to the existence of  tank museums like those located at Bovington in England, Munster in Germany, Saumur in France, and Kubinka in Russia. As long as Jadgtiger was up and running I could just go and see great photos of all the best tank museums of the world. They even sought out lesser known museums and the rusting hulks of tanks located in European town squares. Sadly, at some point last year they went dark. This motivated me. For years I had wanted to go to Europe and see the tanks for myself. Now, I had a mission. I would try and recreate Jadgtiger. I would go to Europe on vacation and see as many of the museums as I could in two weeks. I made my reservations. Ignorant of the expense and difficulty that lay ahead I embarked on my own journey of discovery. I was only able to see three of the dozen or so museums that Judgtiger had listed on their site. I soon discovered why it took two young German guys to make that website. It probably took those guys years of weekend trips to go to all of those Museums. Every one of the tank museums are located way out in the country a minimum two hour drive (one way) from any major city. If you want to go to see the tanks you must drive. Driving in Europe is not cheap, fun or easy. Actually, as I was to learn, the only cheap thing in all of Europe is beer. So I hope that you enjoy the photos there will be more to come in the future. This is by no means all the photos that I took. Nor does this website even pretend to have photos of all the tanks located at the three museums that I visited. Some day I will go to the Kubinka tank Museum in Russia and there are several great museums here in the US to visit. So consider this website a work in progress.

Welcome: To My Online Photo Album Of Tank Museums